Triple-S DSC

Developed by Cobalt Sky Ltd

Enables Triple-S XML files to be accessed directly from within the IBM SPSS Data Collection Suite (formerly known as Dimensions).

SPSS to Triple-S Converter

Developed by Merlinco Ltd

Converts SPSS files into Triple-S XML format (requires IBM SPSS Statistics to be installed on your PC).

encoding is Windows-1252

Triple-S 1.1 and 1.0 to Triple-S MXL Converter

Developed by Dr Steve Jenkins, The Triple-S Group.

Converts Triple-S 1.1 and 1.0 files into Triple-S XML 1.1 format.

Triple-S to Quantum Converter

Developed by Mark-IT

Converts Triple-S XML into Quantum for analysis. Windows/DOS.

Quantum to Triple-S Converter

Developed by Cobalt Sky Ltd

Converts Quantum into Triple-S XML format. (requires Quantum to be installed on your PC).



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