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November 2015

A new Triple-S implementation [more]

October 2014

The Triple-S Group welcomes a new member [more]

June 2014

Kinesis joins theTriple-S sponsors for 2014 [more]

April 2014

Another new Triple-S implementation [more]

March 2014

NEBU joins theTriple-S sponsors for 2014 [more]

January 2014

 A new Triple-S sponsor for 2014 and another implementation [more]

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Download copies of the current Triple-S XML documentation, details of past versions and copies of conference papers

Register your implementation of Triple-S to join the growing list of supporting software

Access XML resources on-line to help your construction of a Triple-S XML interface
Triple-S XML Version 2.0  available to download [more]

Triple-S Validation Service available online

FREE utility software [more]

Triple-S DSCs for SPSSmr Data Model

Triple-S 1.1 and 1.0 files to Triple-S XML 1.1

SPSS to Triple-S XML

Quantum to Triple-S and Triple-S to Quantum

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Red Centre Software
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